COVID-19 Response

As you all know this year has been very trying for everyone and that is especially true for Scouting, as we are by nature a group activity.  Nonetheless, Cubmaster Hal and Committee Chair Zac worked with Chartered Organization Representative Father Mike Stone to create what we think are reasonable protocols for in-person meetings during this still-uncertain time. They have created a document outlining our guidelines for your review prior to your first meeting. Please submit a signed copy to your Den Leader and Zac, our committee chair.

Zac made a survey of families to see who would be returning to in-person Scouting this year; 30 out of 60 families responded. With the exception of a couple of families that plan to be inactive, about half said they’d like to Scout in person as we did before while observing safety guidelines. About 35% said they’d do a hybrid mix of in-person and Scouting from home (with mom/dad), and about 10% said they’d Scout from home only.  Since we normally don’t have 100% attendance at meetings, combined with the responses received in the survey, we don’t believe we’ll have an issue with overcrowding this year. Even so, it is good to be prepared.    

Our Den Leaders will be relying pretty heavily on Scoutbook this year. You will need to register for an account for your child if you haven’t already. So if you’re not familiar with it, check it out and consider downloading the app. Please RSVP for meetings via Scoutbook. This will help Den Leaders know how many and who to expect at meetings.

Even though we cannot meet as we did before, we will adapt to conditions to stay connected and stay vigilant to stop the spread of the virus.

If you have further questions, please contact our Committee Chair Zac Whirley at